Lucie Brock-Broido

Lucie Brock-Broido Poems

1. Dove, Interrupted 5/22/2015
2. A Meadow 1/21/2016
3. Carpe Demon 10/24/2017
4. Currying the Fallow-Colored Horse 10/24/2017
5. Extreme Wisteria 10/24/2017
6. Father, in Drawer 10/24/2017
7. Infinite Riches in the Smallest Room 10/24/2017
8. Gouldian Kit 10/24/2017
9. A Girl Ago 10/24/2017
10. Freedom of Speech 10/24/2017
11. Meditation on the Sources of the Catastrophic Imagination 10/24/2017
12. Two Girls Ago 10/24/2017
13. You Have Harnessed Yourself Ridiculously to This World 10/24/2017
14. Carrowmore 10/24/2017
15. Did Not Come Back 10/24/2017
16. Domestic Mysticism 10/24/2017
17. After the Grand Perhaps 10/24/2017
18. Real Life 10/24/2017
19. How Can It Be I Am No Longer I 5/14/2015

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How Can It Be I Am No Longer I

Winter was the ravaging in the scarified
Ghost garden, a freak of letters crossing down a rare

Path bleak with poplars. Only the yew were a crewel
Of kith at the fieldstone wall, annulled

As a dulcimer cinched in a green velvet sack.
To be damaged is to endanger—taut as the stark

Throats of castrati in their choir, lymphless & fawning
& pale. The miraculous conjoining

Where the beamless air harms our self & lung,
Our three-chambered heart & sternum,

Where two made a monstrous
Braid of other, ravishing.

To damage is an animal ...

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Carpe Demon

Where is your father whose eye you were the apple of?

Where are your mother's parlor portieres, her slip-covered days, her petticoats?

In the orchard at the other end of  time, you were just a child in ballet slippers,

Your first poodle skirt, your tortoiseshell barrettes. As the peach tree grew more

Scarce each day, you kept running out to try to tape the leaves back on their boughs.

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