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What Is And What Should Never Be

The blood in your veins must be infused with stardust
The taste of your lips must be more than bliss
Because I fail to see exactly how an average person could be so amazing
And so hard to resist

Unsaid Words

I hope you can give yourself what you couldn't give to me
I hope you can love yourself more than you'll ever love me
I wish you nothing but love unconditionally
Not because I love you still

My Side

Some day you'll fall in love with someone like the way poets write about
and when it comes down to it, I hope
you look for me, not for me but for my side of the story
cuz I can't tell you what I really think or feel

Lil Thunder Cat

Lil Thunder cat throw it back
likes the way it jiggles N' bounces back
gives another smack at it
Then tells me now look back at it, look back at it, he gunna eat it up and still give another smack at it

Kitty Cat

I met a cat,
he's really cute,
I talk to him,
but he's on mute,

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31 July 2021

Those who misread you never opened your cover a poem left unread

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