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Do you believe in God?

I do, but I have told you: I consider as God the Nature! Nature has the power; nature gives the pulse into the things. Everything has its own pulse. The heart, the wind, the wave, the grass... Even the stone has its own pulse: The standstill, the silence... Sometimes, life grows onto the stone. Don’t you see in the cliffs, on the rock. Where small trees are growing? But where does love grow? Doesn’t it grow in the cliffs?

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Put It! Down

I will write what is right, but will I understand it.
For I have no idea what right to write about.
I do not want to do that which I know not how to do.
So I have written all I think is right.

From my book 'Playtoys' (ANQA Books.2007)

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Lucy Smythe Popularity

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