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Cover 'o sun' the earth,
with ray's of light
Cover only and only,
shine on us

Fishing idea's,
in quite watter's
Throwing the hook,
deep inside

When my mind so sharp,
like stanley steel blade
I will cutt the iron strippe's,
that have inprissoned fate.

A domestic invy,
it is a bussines going,
up and down the hill

The mighty land, of eagle's,
and my mother's tounge spoken
As you stood still unbeatable,
thee heroine of the brave's

Shivering off when i stand
weather known as the notorious
this nature can not deny
but a little clumsy to survive

I cant always look back and think
About my sad and happy days
I must think more ahead of that
Making better efforts to move on

Distance can not
apart us
no matter how far
we are

A thousand thought's,
running through my head,
about the feeling,
that I get,

Reaching for the highiest
aiming for the best,
behind that stupid strugle
there is hiden a miracle

Early bird's in the morning
sound noise's, in my ear forming,
alone I am running, in the park
nature smell's, like a deodorant

'Virtualy', make, our spirit feel.
within, our heathly conceous.
unleashing the awkward seal,
when situation get obnoxious.

Come on love;
where are you now...
I can't wait for so long'
I need your touch,

When you'r lost in your thoughts
going through the raining storms
like you wearing an protected uniform
not so easly it can be torned

We are the people,
we are the nation,
we are the younger,

Over mud and stone
it is built our society
for thousands of years,
we have been trespassing

Tonight is the one,
night of fame,
all the attention,
in the field of game.

Hold your hater in your feast,
hold it like he's an angel,
and you are the devil's beast

Another day passed,
through my calendar,
going fearly around,
in this year's jubilant,

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Cover 'o sun' the earth,
with ray's of light
Cover only and only,
shine on us
In eternity you may never,
loose sight from us
Because the moon is so cool,
that only at night it shines
When you searched for her,
it wouldn't be around
She's hidding out there,
all by itself
Wrapped off in a black umbrella,
until the sun find's us back again
Even in a midle of the day 'o sun'
the moon crosse's the road on us
Transforming our rehearsal,
into designated dark sky's
Why you 'o moon' too bright?
in an ordinary darkened night
Why the sunbeam's of sun,
at a random day shifted on us
And gather us like;
you'll be holding a speech!
That in a occasion,
of very rare to be seen
One to one faced apon,
upfront in between of three.

NOVEMBER 20.2012

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