Luke J. Holt

Veteran Poet - 1,696 Points (1-14-91 / fullerton CA)

Luke J. Holt Poems

1. Vigil Of The Dry Rain 12/23/2012
2. Spring Beyond The Bed Of Slate 12/23/2012
3. For She Who Pillaged Night With Smiles 12/23/2012
4. The Lady's Mirror And The Man Who Carried It 12/23/2012
5. The Wooden Ode From A Floating Moment Without You 12/23/2012
6. This Palace 1/13/2013
7. Breathing Blue 1/13/2013
8. Somniferique ((Love In Retroactivity)) 2/7/2013
9. Examination 6/26/2013
10. Binary Bouquet 6/27/2013
11. Strides Of Crush 6/27/2013
12. Yellow Tresses And The Joke Of Rain 6/27/2013
13. Metrofuge 6/27/2013
14. Triple Infinity Minus One 6/27/2013
15. Coward Of The Spongy Room 6/27/2013
16. Lament Of The Skysurf 6/27/2013
17. Shock Of Youlessness 6/27/2013
18. Malachim 6/27/2013
19. The Night That You And Dawn Conspired 6/27/2013
20. Pied Snow 6/27/2013
21. Plea In Litanies 6/27/2013
22. The Maltese Winter 6/27/2013
23. Killed While Watching Fireworks In Traffic 6/30/2013
24. Written While Watching A Southwest Airplane 6/26/2013
25. Forever Picinic 6/26/2013
26. The Second Day I Watched The News ((Essay Kinda)) 8/6/2013
27. Beneath The Wobbly Weathervane (Fiction Narrative) 8/31/2013
28. Purple Bubblebeam Blues 9/24/2013
29. Sadness That Brings Fall Early 10/7/2013
30. Tryptamine Villa 10/18/2013
31. The Candy Imp 11/5/2013
32. Nexus Of Devotion 11/5/2013
33. ? Emit 11/5/2013
34. Salts Of Glory 11/5/2013
35. Waking Cartoons And Soft Dreams 11/5/2013
36. Jolly Rodger Bay And The Foolish Boat 11/5/2013
37. Cyst 12/2/2013
38. Diplodicus 12/19/2013
39. Sparkleharm 1/3/2014
40. Noise 1/3/2014
Best Poem of Luke J. Holt

Kind Of Like The Happy Prince

i awaken cast in gild
i have no breakfast
kind of like the Happy Prince

as of whom Oscar, that Pre-Movie starlet spoke
atop the steeple
neighboring broad clocks and bells of singing yellow
pleading the swallow to bring to they who leer and admire him his face of various jewels.

i gave my nose to a thirsty girl
my nose was a glorious ruby
like that of the Happy Prince

i too alike the swallow who fell in love with a reed in a faraway marsh, a reed with many of her kind she would not leave, and deep, deep roots set in pickled waters
safe from the winds...

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Vigil Of The Dry Rain

The lunar milk is hot as wax
the gulls have ceased to drink
the skeleton is anxious and wants to swim
if i am to prevent your sovereignty
i must swath you in shameful tufts of hide
and make you stink of stag and steer
till the flies shall liken you charming
as i had upon the fleeting waltz of your eyes to arrows
blue massacre

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