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1. With You 5/21/2014
2. Self-Defence 5/21/2014
3. Annual Snowfall 5/21/2014
4. Memory 5/21/2014
5. The Woman And The Giraffes 5/21/2014
6. Chamomile Breath 5/21/2014
7. Always A Premonition 5/21/2014
8. The Old People's Home 5/21/2014
9. Quite By Accident 5/21/2014
10. For As Long As 5/21/2014
11. The Truth 5/21/2014
12. Negative Space 3/21/2017
13. History Class 3/21/2017
14. The Mystery Of Prayers 3/21/2017
15. Old news 3/21/2017
16. Vertical Realities 3/21/2017
17. Marked 3/21/2017
18. Monday In Seven Days 3/21/2017
19. It's not time for 3/21/2017
20. Men 3/21/2017
21. Meditation While Shaving 3/21/2017
22. Chess 3/21/2017
23. When Love Begins To... 3/21/2017
24. Electrolysis 5/21/2014
25. Absence 1/20/2003
26. Mutual Understanding 5/21/2014

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Best Poem of Luljeta Lleshanaku

Mutual Understanding

For my two-year-old daughter Lea

I cannot escape your sunflower gaze,
Do not judge me for what I lack,
A maternal instinct
Which like a water bottle grown cold
Ends up at the foot of the bed.

Understand me, I am like you,
Ever curious about what goes on between two people,
Just like you
I suspect it is something without a history,
Like an apple you bite into only once
And then cast away with no remorse.

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Sealed within this anguish
As in a tent of soldiers with no return
Where all of your attempts to escape
Inevitably rub against the chest of someone else
Lying next to you.

There is nowhere for you to go,
The stars like the fingernails of a sorceress
Fashion your fate in the smoke.

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