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I’m falling.
As I fall I see faces.
Half I know,
And either love them to bits,

The brumby runs with ease.
I can’t stop running with the danger do near he thinks.
He runs through a river but can’t stop to drink,
I must keep running,

We look at the night sky and say,
‘Look, it’s a shooting star,
Make a wish’.
When in fact it’s a falling star.

If god asked me 10 years ago,
If I wanted to live or die,
I would say live.
If he asked me now I would say die.

When you fall,
You fall hard.
When you start to climb,
You don’t always get to the top.


If angels were real,
Mine must be lost,
For I can’t find help,

If life is a flower


Help is always there,
So instead of pushing it away,
Accept it with a smile,
Then say thanks later.

The earth around me,
Revolves without a problem.
It does not get disrupted by,
The petty problems of the people within.


Doesn’t leave you alone,
Eating your soul,
After you always,
Taking your life,

Life has no point,
When you can’t see any point.
It takes to much effort, love,

If only you could see me now,
I’m a mess.
If only you could hear me now,
I’m a wreak.

Death and pain.
Only comes to those,
Who work for it.
If you don’t truly want to,

In the night sky,
Sits the moon,
And on that moon lives,
The moon rabbit.

Living in world of fire,
with no one that i desire.
now that my heart is in flames,
Life has no aim.


The deeper i go,
The more blood is spilt.
Thats all i want,
Is to see some blood spilt,

As my life fails.
So does my love.
I sit and watch the trees,
And as the last leaf falls,

The Best Poem Of M.J. Henderson

30 Seconds Of Me

I’m falling.
As I fall I see faces.
Half I know,
And either love them to bits,
Or don’t appreciate them for who they are.

The others,
Are the unknown.
Figures of my future,
Or my past.

The faces fly past me as I’m falling.
As they go past,
They say things.
Things that I want,
Or need.

They promise to make,
The pain go away,
To fix my broken heart.
They say they can give me,
A gun,
A knife,
And even a bridge.

Then the faces disappear,
And darkness enfolds me,
I’m picking up speed,
And I see the ground.

It’s getting closer,
And closer.

Then BANG!

I wake up.

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