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Poetic pen ink
Elated sage link
Written rose
Endless pose

Rainbow on the cloud
Wandering to south
Dyeing high
Charming sky

Twig to twig the bird
Jumping, chirping hard
Cause green leaf
Now in grief

Hands in hands walking
Towards sun diving
To enjoy
Twilight's joy


Dry leaves on the page
White ink draws a maze
In the rain
Cliff of sane

Burn the earthy light
Wake up the insight
Inside clean
See unseen

Hold the dream till dawn
Let the breeze blow lorn
Live long life
Grip hope rife

Milky-way shadow
On the Cupid's bow
Throws arrow
Love shots vow

Sleep on the lotus
Smell thru various
Build love shrine
Worship fine

Morning of poem
Evening of poem
Innate light
Useful guide

Spring is beautiful
In romantic role
Because you
Can renew

On the golden hill
Wildflowers refill
The lovely

Let's lift up someone
To lift up self turn
Help reigns all
Not to fall


Truth is measurement
Of life its God's band
Learn for peace
Earn true bliss

Dye the wings of bird
Keep the love as guard
Fly to kiss
Free and peace

Mac Che Biography

The atom of blood on the nib of pencil, no eyes to brush it; stories of the teardrops on the path of torn poems; the leaf of banana is now the merciful shelter of the head of the eraser; poet or poetry is swimming on the watercolor of life wonderfully and I lost everything egotistically ~ give me love, give me love and give me love Blind Poet Mac Che from the world of ultimate God~)

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Poetic Diction

Poetic pen ink
Elated sage link
Written rose
Endless pose

© Mac Che

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Give me a rose garden I will give you loving weather

Poetry is the celestial wealth of a poet

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Mac Che Popularity

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