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The Struggles Of My Life

I questioned as child out of innocence
To which elders thought nonsense
But still understood not I
The mystery of all, why?

Religious In The Technological World

Here in our world
Religious are the bold
They are the people who mold
Everywhere they are behold

‘no' Not ‘i'

Know not I to me
For I know not who actually I
Can anyone know I?
For I struggle to know I

A Poem On Poem

A man sat in a scriptorium to script a poem
Thought on a woman's gorgeousness
To put pen to paper her beauty
Started thus, "To what shall I compare

Wake Up Friends, Goal Is Yet To Be Reached

Young minds with flowing wisdom
Young bodies with flowing spirit
Young hearts with flowing desires
Young thoughts with flowing doubts

Madasi Kartheek Benjamin Quotes

02 January 2020

"Extra-curricular activities act as a bridge to many other spheres of life."

14 October 2020

"When we confess the bond of commitment increases and confidence in the other is strengthened." -KIST

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