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Your soul awake
beneath flowers white,
leaves gleam
in spring daylight

Trapped in the fog
cant find my way
I scream, I cry in vain
fog thickens like cloud

I know
why you look so unwell
why you are always full
why your waves never play

Flowers you send
bring joy and warmth
roses from your garden
is all that i want

when the leaves turn green
and meadows beam
when the flowers blossom
with exotic sheen

Let us begin
from where he has left,
life is short...
so let us live

Oh Rain...
like never before
fall on me,

A flash
dazzles my eyes
through thousand stars
then you descend

stopped on the wayside
in the afternoon
with a heavy heart
watched the Gulmohar trees nearby


long ago
a promise was made
a promise could not be kept

In the sea,
waves many,
waves come, waves go

In the park
an old man and an old woman
sit away from each other


You have to become
the candle
to bring light
why wait for the sunrise

A gentle beam,
from the weary eyes,
pierced into the dark valley,
unfolding its radiant wings,

The soft gentle rays
alight in a row,
through the darkness
with warmth and glow,

The bud opens its soft petals
to greet the humming bee
and then they whisper
behind the rosewood tree

In the wilderness
walking alone
on your trail
imbibing the fragrance

A sparrow
from somewhere
flew in my window
soaked and bewildered

There was a time
when they would sway
with elegance and pride
the flowers of May

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An Ophthalmologist by Profession.)

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Born Again

Your soul awake
beneath flowers white,
leaves gleam
in spring daylight

Birds in glee
flap their wings,
on the oak tree
the cuckoo sings

In grass green
violets bloom,
lifting my sorrow
and deep gloom

As I walk on the road
rough and steep,
your footsteps follow
I no more weep

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Madhavi Grace Popularity

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