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I am an MBA Finance, with aspiration to writing.

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Spark Success! !

Woes and mistakes
Camouflaging true suspension;
What thee need is corrective action;
Which will pinnacle success;

Uppercase Or Lowercase

Are you the upper salute;
Or lower salute;
Who engages in boot-liking;
Naturalness can prime you high;

Life's Aspiring Ambitions

Life's gift to each and one;
Predisposes each one to comports and achievements;
When hindrances surface;
Smooth-out the front;

Clouds Complex

The grey cloudy sight, with

The mingled sunlight touching upon The pure white clouds

Reddish Plight

A reddish bloodshed
At the war comport
And exercised cruelty
Reddened the flow of life of thousands of life;

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11 July 2015

A cool mind wins at times of adversaries, at the testing times man can win over by this alone.

11 July 2015

Light in with hope Lighter and stronger The light hopes makes thee stronger Pressured hope weakness on fall

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