Bijay Kant Dubey Madness Poems

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry, Will Madden Me And You/ You Poetry My Madness

Poetry, poetry, poetry,
You yourself are mad

Religious Madness

Religious madness is a type of disease
From which many lie suffering from,
Religiously mad and abnormal,
Cannot bear the other people,

Religious Madness Cannot Be Cured

Religious madness cannot be cured
As those who are religiously blind
Can see no light
And are cataract-eyed

They Destroyed It Iran, What Madness Is It?

It is nothing but sheer madness
To take Iran along
The fanatical line
And by being a religious state,

What are they doing,
It is not the right time for war
At the borders
Firing and shelling upon

The Poet As A Mad Man And Poetry His Madness

The poet as a mad man
And poetry his madness,
The mad man maddening it all
With his mad things,

Rohingya minority
Of Myanmar,
Couldn't you adjust with
The local people

Religious Fananticism Is Some Sort Of Madness

Religious fanaticism is some sort of madness
And it cannot be cured of,
As it lies tucked in fundamentalism and conservatism
And it is only logic and reasoning,

Religious Madness Is Not Good

Religious madness is one of the causes
Which will destroy the world one day,
Those who live by God and confession,
But by blind faith,

God, Cure You My Poetic Madness

My God, the blunder of being a poet,
You make me not a poet again, if this be,
Putting aside everything, see me, how mad am I
After becoming a poet,

Fanaticism is but a type of madness,
Some sort of abnormality is it,
The state of being blind
To other faiths

Is Poetry My Madness? Am I A Mad Man?

Is poetry my madness?
Am I a mad man?
What had I been
And what did I not do

Poetic Madness

Poetic madness is a great disease
And it will continue unto the end,
You will live,
But you will not die,

Is Poetry Our Madness? Are We The Mad Men?

Is poetry our madness,
Are we the mad men
Pursuing it so madly?

Poetry Is Madness, Believe You Or Not

Poetry is madness, believe you or not,
Frankly speaking,
I am admitting,
Poetry is madness

Hindu Madness Is Something Foreign To Us

Hinduism is good,
but to act along the minority line
in a hateful way,
indulging in bloodshed,

Poetry Is Madness

Believe me or not,
Poetry is but some sort of madness,
The men of normal behaviour write it not,
Just the men of abnormal behaviour write it,

The Poets Are The Mad Men And Poetry His Madness

The poets are the mad men
And poetry is nothing, . but an exercise
In his madness,
Who the mad man is,

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