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My Mom And Yours, And Me And You

I know you miss her
I miss mine too
Sometimes so much I dont know what to do

A Spare Hug

Hey there Jim Bo
This poem is for you
Dont laugh ok, here I go

Im Smarter Now

I wish I was your drug
I wish it was me you had to had to have
But im not, no matter how hard i tug

Life Of A Crank Ho

Scabs and soars all over your face
You use to be so pretty
Now your nothing but a disgrace

The Misery Monster

Without her he cant be what he is
The monster he was born to be
Now that shes gone he cant spew his poison
Without her he cant even see

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When my brother and mines parents said we were going to the circus we never imagined they meant they were dropping us off there and leaving wasnt a bad life really..the pop was watered down.. the popcorn sucked but there was plenty of it..the bearded lady and her husband took us in and loved us as their own..the best part was the free elep ...

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