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The sky was dark,
And there came a spark
I was so scared
To move, I did not dare.

The sky was dark on a moonlit night
Across the horizon i see some light
Is it morning or a dream
Is it the angel on its beautiful wings.

On the day of Judgement,
The truth was spoken,
It was so harsh,
It left hearts broken.

Man a machine,
Machine or engine,
What a manufacturing
Can you imagine?

Looking at the stars
Sitting by the lake,
With all old friends
We cherished the waves.

It creeps inside like the darkness And all the light is gone
I have completely forgotten Where I belong
I feel like the moon Which stands alone
Even on a bright starlit night.

Flying high in the sky,
With the breeze blowing my hair,
And birds all around
Below, the evergreen trees.

A snore, what a sound,
It echoes all around,
Like a thunder in the sky,
A noise you cannot deny.


When the lights comes to meet us
In the form of a spark.
With a sound so loud
Like something falling from a height.

Eyes, those two beautiful eyes
Like two stars shining in the dark sky,
Like two diamonds found in a coal mine,
The window to the world, inner and outer,

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The Blissful Morning

The sky was dark,
And there came a spark
I was so scared
To move, I did not dare.

I knelt down in front of God
And said ' Oh Lord,
Please forgive me for my sins
I promise I won't do such Things '.

It was like He heard me
And I saw a golden tree
To my imagination, it was fantasy
But it was a ray of sun
Bought dowm by Almighty
Vanished my fear
And dried my tears.

The morning so beautiful
Caught my attention
And all this is beyond explanation.

The sounds of chirping sparrows
The joyfully dancing mellows
The flowers singing such pleasant songs
I wish it went on all day long.

To my surprise, it continued all day
And I was left with nothing to say
It was all Enchanted
And I am sure that my Prayers were Granted.

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