Mahfooz Ali Poems

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Sitting defiant and black
upon a tree.
Black feathers against,
a blue-grey sky.

Writer's Woes

Like an artist I also afraid
To run out of
I panic sometimes
What if I can't think

Until Then........

I am unable to sleep at night,
and my soul knows no flight.
I roam around off track,
as my thoughts seems black.

Saddam Hussain

On the news today I heard them say
The Iraqis hung Saddam today.
There's little to say of Saddam beside
He lived more respectfully than he died.

Let Me Sleep

I slumber in the thought of you
Resting peacefully in your embrace
Thinking of the thrill of you
Shinning on your face

Close My Eyes

Close my eyes so I can sleep forever
let me dream forever
... let me sleep.

Lost Love

Sky has fallen with soft kisses from the rain.
My heart breaks when I hear your name.
Softness of your skin fills my head like a hurricane.
Just to see you one more time before I go insane.

Memories Past

The days pass so quickly
Time is in a rush
Feelings of loneliness
Toys collecting dust

Special Person

There someone special that you love,
Now it's time to share how the person is.
How this person can light up a room,
Even in the darest gloom.

Dry Tears

I have cried so many tears
Now, I am dry,
my pain has built up so deep within me,
Now, I am silenced,