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This is my poem forum. Umm……. just to warn you ahead of time a lot of things I write on here are really loving and sometimes depressing too. I just write about things when I get a sudden urge and usually it's when I am depressed but happy too. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my poems and feel free to comment and email me at 'mailtomahfooz@gmai ...

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I Love My Family So Much.

To be a part of a family like mine
is so divine
where love is shown
hurt is shared

Thank You, Father

Fathers hold you when you have bad dreams
And they comfort you when all is lost it seems.
Fathers teach you to dribble a basketball and shoot a free throw
And they lead you as you grow.

I Still Need A Mother

I need a mother who would love me
I need a mother who would take care of me
I need a mother who would understand me
I need a mother for who I am

Open Them

Open them, open them
let the light shine,
Release the binds
of chains and twine.

My True Love...

You are my everything
you are my lover and my friend
the one I confide to
when I am sad, happy, or I

Mahfooz Ali Comments

acharya gopinath 11 March 2009

You are writing immensely and have deep rooted affections. Let a Xanthic Flower give fragrance in your life. I am proud of reading your poems but it is too late. Allah never let down any one nor put you to suffer. Always hopes bring light.

9 3 Reply
Maryam Khan 07 January 2009

an amazing poet with deep thoughts. i like his creativity n almost all of his poems are reaalt cute n interesting. Keep up your good work! Maryam

9 3 Reply
Amani B 05 April 2008

a brilliant poet with lovely ideas very impressive

6 2 Reply
Mikoto 13 June 2006

Thank you for comment. I like your poems. Keep it up. Thank you. Mikoto

5 1 Reply

Mahfooz.malik.aapko koyie dilse yaad karrhahi

3 0 Reply
Mhfooz Ali 24 February 2018

Mr.Mhfooz ali please pickup your phone

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 19 January 2016

sometimes when we are very young we get so very scared will she love me will she report me what will she do no one ever knew it's all in a woman's mind to love or to be kind but in memories we alone have she has made us lose our mind and an opportunity we all leave far behind in the annals of time call it infatuation if you may

2 0 Reply
Soul Watcher 19 January 2016

Hey, I liked your poems and the way you write your poems. Please keep us, waiting for more by you.

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Seham M 12 July 2010

I just found this site, and have to say that after reading a bunch of poems from others and yourself, you have a real interesting state of mind. Your thoughts are unique and the way you describe and portray your thoughts is very thoughtful and well put. I also write poems and short stories. They usually come from feelings that are sometimes hard to depict to others in word of speech. But when I write them down it makes me understand my feelings and frame of mind better. I read the peom about your mother, I thought it was lovely. And Inshallah She knew and continues to know how much you love her. Keep up your good work, so we can continue enjoying your beautiful works of literature. Take care, Ma'salama

14 4 Reply