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little did she know
that I was broken inside
I still love her but it is love from one side
whenever I fall to sleep I am still haunted by the memories

you filled my days with joy and happiness
all these kisses and hugs helped me went through my sadness
you cared for me whenever I got ill with sickness
never missed an important event you were always there to witness

The journey to the unknown
and the misleading paths through the illusory town
time passes by to prove everything that was hidden become known
and only time shows if that love has grown

I never thought I would find love again
she was sitting in-front of me then
she made me turn and drew me into her by her beautiful eyes wide and open
as she laughed and looked at me I can feel my heart is beaten

I have been to many classes before
they teach us to be robots and there is also more
the same curriculum is used again and again
without understanding the gifts of thinking and not giving a chance to the students who can,

faking smiles covered with hate inside
they have different faces that have many things to hide
trying to fool you to continue the friendship ride
suddenly they guide you into the blind side

The wisest man I knew ever
He was very tough and always with angry temper
Something that I kept asking myself and never find an answer
He was there to solve every matter

I surrender my crown
before the rising dawn
bow and lay it all down

It is funny when I remember back the memories
hanging out and watching movies
chasing girls and acting tough to impress cuties
living without regrets or apologies

Deep down the ocean where the memories lay down
It is strange how we forget! ! ! ! ! !
Slowly you are vanishing from my mind like an ice melting down
I thought we were leaving together our hometown

Once I entered the class
It was cold and dead
but when I saw her
She looked at me, and I was glad

Holding to my dreams knowing that nothing in this world is impossible
believing that everything lies in my hand
I just have to know how to make them visible
I work so hard until I reach things that meant to be unreachable

She always has something to hide
acting like an angel but a devil in the inside
wanted me to fail so that we end up separated
my love was incomparable it was so huge like earth wide

She left very fast without a warning
she didn't speak or explain anything
the worst thing about it I didn't see it coming
I waited for a sign or a letter, but she left me hanging

Days go by and I don't know what to do
I see nothing that could get me through
all the things I did felt a lot of pain,
however, in the end, I had nothing to gain

How dare you say something about me
you know for every word you will pay the fee
lying and saying stuff that you have never seen
I don't care whether you are really old or under eighteen

Lost in the world of dishonor
a brother sell his own brother
it is kind of contagious disorder
spreading everywhere and taking over

Harry was the boy who suffered from stuttering
and Mary was the girl who suffered from cluttering
both lived in Liverpool
and hated to go to school

I don't retreat I don't surrender
forever and ever I will strive to be the better
because I am go getter and I am a doer
and no matter how many times you will call me a loser

it is hard to know that I will have to let you go
you owned my heart and now I don't know
how can I live without you and ride solo
I will miss those eyes that drive me crazy also

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Little Did She Know

little did she know
that I was broken inside
I still love her but it is love from one side
whenever I fall to sleep I am still haunted by the memories
and woke up to realize I missed all the opportunities
I want you to know that am trying to pick myself piece by piece
and holding back the feeling that you might change your mind and accept my apologies
I thought I was ready to forget you
but forgetting you was the hardest fight
I just want you to know I will always love you over the day and the night

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