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Said the Table to the Chair,
'You can hardly be aware,
'How I suffer from the heat,
'And from chilblains on my feet!

Who will help us?
Who will solve our problems?
Who will say bye after we enter in bus?
Who will fulfil our wishes?

Born as a unripe mango
growing all the time,
Born in a farm
or in a backyard,

Rise, brothers, rise, the wakening skies
Pray to the morning lights,
The wind lies asleep in the arms of the dawn
Like a child that has cried all night.


A tree standing at a place
throughout his life,
A tree giving fruits
throughout his life,

The jokers are great,
Work for money,
Or promote something,

A friend is a companion,
who is very friendly.
A friend is a dictionary,
who helps me in difficulty.

Maybe it had just been yesterday
20th December or the 8th of May

Whan we indolently braided each others' mane


When you feel sad and betrayed
Who ccan you count on every single day?
When you feel lost and alone...
Who will be there for you in every way?


The earth is lovely
But pollution is making it ugly
Let us take a test
And make our earth the best

From where love came,
we cannot see: perhaps,
within us, born and bred,
Or taught to us at parent's knee,

I come from haunts of coot and hern,
I make a sudden sally,
And sparkle out among the fern,
To bicker down the valley.

A table,
A piece of wood,
Standing on four legs,

It has brains,
Yet is it not an engineer.
It can sing,
Yet it is not a singer.

Manas Rastogi Biography

A student and a poet from India. I study in Amity International School.)

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Complete Nonsense

Said the Table to the Chair,
'You can hardly be aware,
'How I suffer from the heat,
'And from chilblains on my feet!
'If we took a little walk,
'W emight have a little talk!
'Pray let us take the air! '
Said the Table to the Chair.
Said the Chair to the Table,
'Now you know we are not able!
'How foolishly you talk,
'Whan you know we cannnot walk! '
Said the Table with a sigh,
'It can do no harm to try,
'I've as many legs as you,
'Why can't we walk on Two? '

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Manas Rastogi Popularity

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