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A Naughty Little Poem
She whispered 'will it hurt me? '
'Of course not' answered he
'It's a very simple process,

The voices in my head
Are words that were said
By someone that spoke true
They remind me of you

The way you Kiss
It makes me melt
When I melt I need you more
I need your kisses I need your love

Yeah, you with that
'I've got nearly enough on my plate
but I'd like a serving of you
dressed in nothing more than massage oil'

Taking a shower
Can be lots of fun
When taking a shower
With someone

Feelings that once were hidden
Are now expressed to you.
Days that once were stormy
Are now the brightest blue.

A guy sticks his location,
In a girl's destination,
To increase the population,
For the next genertion

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Who would've believed
That you and me would fall
And land together
And who could've forseen

The first time we met, I could see,
That you and I, were meant to be.
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.

He asked me out on our first date
The excitement was intense
As we faced each other in the car
He seemed a little tense.

In the moment that I felt your warm embrace,
I knew that this was it,
and for the first time in my life,
all the peices seem to fit.

You Know I Don't know what it is
but everything about you is so irresistible

Dont you try and tell me that he's not my type

He leaves the cap off the toothpaste;
He never makes the bed;
He drops his undies on the floor;
And spends far too much time in his shed.

I’m A Believer
Life is what you make at least that’s what they say well I think I’m going to make it fearful my dreams someday
I feel this fire growing deep inside of me I’m so inspired knowing that it’s my destiny
I breathe like a champion I

Never look back, ' we said
How was I to know I'd miss you so?
Loneliness up ahead, emptiness behind
Where do I go?

When I first saw you I couldn't believe
The way you smiled took the breath out of me
And maybe I'm seeing things
But if it's true don't wake me up from this dream

Love is just another feeling,
just like happiness and sorrow.
Love is just like a cold,
its here today and gone tomorrow.

When Joe Dove took his elephants out on the road
He made each one hold fast with his trunk
To the tail of the elephant walking in front
To stop them from doing a bunk.

I felt soft hands gently lift
and put me where it’s warm -
against her breasts to suckle,
I felt their welcome form

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I'm mandy, and im 20 yrs old and i own a house with my older sister and i work at a loan company but ever since i was 13 i also love to write poems and song lyric and I also love to sing even though that's a dream of a little girl. I have a nice life with my sister. is the place im at 24-7 writing and talking you lovely people.)

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A Naughty Poem

A Naughty Little Poem
She whispered 'will it hurt me? '
'Of course not' answered he
'It's a very simple process,
You can rely on me.'

She said 'I'm very frightened,
I've not had this before.
My friend has had it five times
And said it can be sore.'

It was growing rather painful
Tears formed in her eyes
It was hurting quite a bit now
It must have been a size.

'Calm yourself' he whispered
'His face filled with a grin
'Try and open wider
So I can get it in.'

'It's coming now' he whispered
'I know' she cried in bliss
Feeling it deep within her now
She said 'I am glad I'm having this.'

And with a final effort
She gave a frightened shout
He gripped it in anguish
And quickly pulled it out.

She lay back quite contended
Sighed and gave a smile
She said 'I'm glad I came now
You made it worth my while.'

Now if you read this carefully
The dentist you will find
Is not what you imagined
It's just your dirty mind! !

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Louise Rill 12 July 2015

PLAGIARIST - NOT by Mandy Faye This poem is by me, Louise Rill and was published in Thirst Gravity Presses 2002 page 58 ISBN 0-9669897-5-9

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