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A brave and strong man
Once told me be all you can
He helped guide an mold me to who I am
I really do miss that man

Growing up you were my best friend
The one I knew I could count on through thick and thin
You sheltered me from harm
From you is where I got my charm

A child is a miracle
A blessing from god above
I have three he gave to me
I give them all my love

Your eye's are brown green
The cutest guy I ever seen
The kindest man with such a big heart
I knew I loved you from the start

I learn a little slower than most
I studer with alot of my words I can't
always express what I feel So most the time
I let my feelings go untold

We've been friends for a couple years we've listened to each other talk about lost love joys even fears and dried each others tears
We tell each everything no secrets do we have you've watched as guys break my spirits deep down knowing you wanted to be my other half you was fixing to ask me just to give our Lovea try when I told you I met a guy he really wanted me to give him a chance so you held your words back inside
You stepped aside so I could have a chance at finding love and it angered you cause all he did was hurt this woman that you love you watched and listened as I went through feelings of anger and so much pain then you told me that you felt to blame then told me how deep your love me is you adore me always have and will
Your words sound so true and sweet no rush though is what you tell me Long as your happy that's all I need

A sparkling ember burns as hot as the sun,  
As we will finally lay together our bodies become one.

The Love we share, will last for all time,

Empty chair in a room 
Its where i could always find you 
Your once loud quitars now hang silent 
On the wall 

Meeting you that day
Has changed my thoughts,
feelings, changed me
In how I see myself

My life
My heart
My world
My soul

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I'm 31yrs old mother of 3 active but awesome boys I've got 3older brothers an older sister and a baby sister I had a amazing dad and have a wonder mother She's the most incredible strong loving woman I have ever know. August 3rd 2015 will mark 3yrs since I lost my dad he was diagnosed on fathers day of 2012 with late stage liver cancer it was incredibly heart breaking when we got the news their was nothing the Dr could do to help my dad as a daddy's girl my world felt as if it was shattered we lost him just 6wks later since then it's is how I get my feelings out)

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A Fathers Day Poem For Dads In Heaven

A brave and strong man
Once told me be all you can
He helped guide an mold me to who I am
I really do miss that man
He was my hero
He was my daddy
He was my best friend
He Nothing but strength to the end
I looked up to my daddy
I was his little girl
My mom was his everything
He was our whole world
As You laid there with your eyes shut
We prayed and we cried
But we knew you needed to hear daddy its alright
We knew God would take you home that night.
Its now almost been 3 years
I still shed alot tears
Being without you has always been my biggest fear
Your gone but I still feel your comfort so close and near
Wiping away my sadness as tears
Fathers day approaching
The void of you not here
I dont know if I can cope
I have this constant lump in my throat
But I will be strong
I refuse to be weak
On fathers day i'll send a million kisses up to heaven to land on your cheek.

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Mandy lynn Popularity

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