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Your hand
melts my heart,
Your absence
breaks my past,

Your smiles
in the morning
melted my heart,
Your anger

Love is not for lovers Love is not for couples Love always has its own form To make it's story imperfectely perfect And my dear, Love is always one sided Let's see how much we can exchange And this year who's turn to win Love rules say my dear I want you to win

I always wondered
Why air is so polluted
Then I saw my chimney
It makes the pure wind impure of my terrace

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I just express what I feel STATE------ ODISHA DISTRICT----------KEONJHAR BORN------ 14/05 /2003)

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Love One Way

Your hand
melts my heart,
Your absence
breaks my past,
My love begins
And ends that day.

After knowing
you have abeloved
I tried to forget
Yet I confess
I said so many times,
I love you...

But My dear
This 'I Love You'
is not that
I love you..
It is only us,
And it's
one sided love,
my dear...
That created the fuss.

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LEARN FROM YOUR OWN STORY Someone's story is gonna give you temporary motivation but your story will give you GOOSEBUMPS IF YOU DON'T HAVE A STORY THEN....................................... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, , , , MAKE IT THROUGH YOUR IMAGINATION AND KEEP GOING BUDDY LLL ...........MRB

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Manisha Rani Baral Popularity

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