Manny Furious

Manny Furious Poems

1. Snowflakes 7/13/2014
2. Space Case File #3,657 7/13/2014
3. Ode To My Stalker, Or: La Luna Bella 7/13/2014
4. Arbitrary Distinctions 7/14/2014
5. Ode To Tma Mo'Zany, One Of My Friends On Facebook 7/14/2014
6. Deep And Gritty 7/14/2014
7. The First Rule.... 7/14/2014
8. Ode To The Half-Blind Drunken Kung Fu Master Who Looks Like Me 7/14/2014
9. Ode To My Friend Blade And To My Wondering Whether His Behavior Was Due To Ptsd Or Drugs 7/14/2014
10. Allusions 7/14/2014
11. Hey, (Redacted) 7/14/2014
12. An Echo 7/14/2014
13. The Snow On The Hood 7/14/2014
14. About That Time I Had A Hard-On At Prom.... 7/14/2014
15. Listening To Someone At A Party Who Won'T Stop Talking As He Eats Hor D'Oeuvres Sloppily 7/14/2014
16. On Thursday Evening 7/16/2014
17. After A Fight With Angelica 7/16/2014
18. An Unseasonably And Eerily Warm Spring Day In March.... 7/16/2014
19. Shit-Fogs.... 7/16/2014
20. Ode To Pedolo- My Only European Friend And My Only Friend With A Talking Head Wound 7/12/2014
21. Ode To Those People You Can'T Find On Facebook.... 7/13/2014
22. Ode To That Sense Of Relief You Get After Digging Out An Ingrown Toenail 7/16/2014
23. After A Massive Snowstorm That Hit Literally Everywhere But Here.... 7/16/2014
24. To Those Sundays Spent At Grandpa's House..... 7/16/2014
25. Faces 7/16/2014
26. Just Another Chapter From The Tales Of Unrequited Love: Kerry.... 7/16/2014
27. Nodding Towards Cold Mountain 7/19/2014
28. Arbitrary Distinctions- Again... And A Nod To Ryokan Taigu 7/19/2014
29. Mid-Spring Evenings.... 7/19/2014
30. Children's Shows.... 7/19/2014
31. Dichotomies, Or: Poetry Or Sword Fights? 7/19/2014
32. Fu*kface.... 7/19/2014
33. During A Long-Ass Drive.... 7/19/2014
34. A Process.... 7/23/2014
35. Old Wounds 7/23/2014
36. 5: 30am In June 7/23/2014
37. A Long Drive Home.... 7/23/2014
38. After A Day Of Yard Work.... 7/23/2014
39. My Effing Garden.... 7/23/2014
40. We Won The Game 22-6.... 7/23/2014
Best Poem of Manny Furious

Big Pussy- Or How Carl Sagan Gave 9-Year-Old Me A Nervous Breakdown

For as long as I can remember
I've been a big pussy.
I'm afraid of everything.
If you think long and hard about
all the things that are just sitting back, stalking, chilling in the shadows
for the proper time to jump out of the ether and kill you,
you'd come up with a long list.

Just off the top of my head-
A random meteorite blazing through the universe
zoning in my my house and
bedroom and
Deer and elk
that materialize out of thin air in front of my
car as I drive 80 miles/hour on the way home at 10 at ...

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Deep And Gritty

I think I'd like to
write something deep and gritty. Something
about all the drug abuse and child abuse
and spousal abuse. Something
about the violence
emotional and physical
that was happening around me at all time.
The gray, cracked modulars

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