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O Nature, you're beautiful
I feel happy to love you


Oh My Space, Give Me Room


Oh, it's Dream Life, Deeds and Destiny
There is Criticism and Dangers of Truth exists


O God, please don't curse
I can't lead miserable life


O What a life, what a growth
Every second is a life challenge


O My lovely power of Attorney
You're the guardian of family


Madly, Madly World Laughs
Madly, Madly World Rejoice



Trust, Faith and Belief are the Life's Partner
I know the Life moves with Truth and Lie


Oh My Lovely Love, I Wish My Love Live Long
I Know Love is great, and I Know Love is Gift


Oh My Darling, This is Glittering World
Who Trust Whom, I have Wings of Love

Bride's Agony

With self-advocacy able to settle-down
Able to manage crucial moment & time


My birth is by the grace of God
It's God's wish that I am here


Baby O Baby, My dear Baby
I know, love has no boundaries


The entire life is foolish
When we are not planned


My speech is an Ambassador
It touches billions of hearts


My dear heart, my soul heart
You're so delicate like a baby born


O my dear, Lovely wife
You know, wife controls husband


Brother O Brother
Sister O Sister


Listen, listen, it's a fact, listen


O my good world
Where are you, how are you

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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) , Diploma in Business Management (DBM) , Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) , Diploma in Computer and Commercial Practice (DCCP) is the Song Writer for these English version Lyrical Songs, which could be composed and recorded for songs for use in various movies of Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood throughout the world. • The State of Birland (Bir Tawil) Representative at Hyderabad-India ( • CESAR VALLEJO AWARD 2021, UHE, Peru for Literary Excellence • The Silver Shield Award from UHE, Peru for my Literary Excellence 2021. • 2021 GOLDEN EAGLE WORLD AWARD FOR LITERARY EXCELLENCE, HISPAN WORLD WRITERS' UNION Peru • Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips LITERARY EXCELLENCE Honor • Honored with "Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute, Philippines" • Royal Success International Book of Records 2019 Honor, Hyderabad-India • Institute of Scholars Research Excellence Award-2020, Bangalore (India) • Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips 2020 Honor, Gujarat-India • Hon. Doctorate in Literature from ITMUT, Brazil. (2019) • Literary Brigadier Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India • Spotlight Superstar Honor (2018) from Story Mirror, Mumbai, India • Golden Ambassador General for Development and Peace at World Peoples Forum @ TWPF/BTYA, Bangladesh • State of Birland at Bir Tawil Recognized Poet • RKMPII Nobility Award 2021 • RKMPII HEART OF GOLD NOBLES Honor Certificate 2021 • ISFFDGUN Internationally Accredited Certificate 2021. • Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ratan Award 2021 - WHRC Honor • Mahatma Gandhi Humanity Award 2021 - WHRC Honor. Hyderabad - Telangana State (INDIA) Email: +91-9951038802 +91-8186945103 Twitter: @mrkndyl68 https: // id=100007871747492 https: // Twitter: @mrkndyl68 Video of eBooks: https: // All eBook Links: https: // Interview: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu https: // ID=180... https: // Dy. Editor-in-Chief at (Germany/Serbia - Belgrade Capital) eMagazine https: // https: // story_fbid=4611755615577975&id=100000071864580. (This is the special video from UHE Portugal on 16-12-2021) https: // (Creator and Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR Group) He is a retired Officer from PSU and a permanent resident of Hyderabad (Telangana State) India.)

The Best Poem Of Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Gift Of Nature


O Nature, you're beautiful
I feel happy to love you
I can't imagine your beauty
Its self explanatory, O my dear Nature

I will maintain the Nature in ship-shape condition
O Nature, give me your blessing
I will purify my mind and soul
I am great to be in your fold

Dear Nature, I know you like music and arts
I know you like dance and martial arts
Give me a thought to activate my body
My fitness of health is Natures liking

Beauty of Nature can't be destroyed
I will promise to beautify the Nature
Give me the power to fulfill the ambition
O Nature, I am for you

I work for you, my nature is my life
I like to sing for you my dear Nature
Give me the knowledge and blessing
I have come from you and merge with you

Don't curse me, dear Nature
I am your gift and I am your life
You have sent me to Earth, I am your honor
O Nature, be kind to me and bless my life

O Nature, you're beautiful
I will maintain the Nature in ship-shape condition
Dear Nature, I know you like music and arts
Beauty of Nature can't be destroyed
I work for you; my nature is my life
Don't curse me, dear Nature


Copy Right Reserved
Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu ©
HYDERABAD - [Telangana State] INDIA
Twitter: @mrkndyl68

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LEARNING THINGS We are born on this earth by the Grace of God. It's God's wish and there is no differentiation of a baby girl or a baby boy in the eyes of the God. All the people, creatures, insects, animals and all other living beings are equal in the eyes and knowledge of the Almighty. There is no gender differentiation in the eyes of God and all are equal. Learning things by one gender is not wrong and it is a God given knowledge and gift to learn things on this earth, and the Nature rules the conditions and living beings are to abide, as this is called the Act of God. Basic learning things in the life and minimum survival aspects on this earth are automatically nurtured by a default living system, the survival provision made by the God.

PHILANTHROPIC NATURE Kindness, philanthropic activities and help to poor and un-affordable children/people are needed in any human being by default. It is a good nature if people do service oriented activities without any publicity for their extended service, will be treated as Blessing from God.

HEARTS AMBASSADOR Speech is an accredited tool and an Ambassador to Heart. Such Heart too touches billions of hearts. The speech with a wide range of subject knowledge is priceless when compared to another speech. The speech property is different from heart to heart and cannot be and shall not be the same, as it varies from heart to heart and place to place and geographical environment to environment.

HEART SPEAKS Heart speaks to another Heart in a secret code in the form of beats. The beats are code language of Hearts. Its mandatory beats given as gift by God-datary system with the blessing of Nature. If Heart beats coincide with another Heartbeat, the understanding lasts forever and Hearts are not broken. Always Hearts are pure and don't get polluted unless Hearts made to be polluted willfully. So, one has to preserve the Heart like a God in the Temple.

BURDEN ON HEART The God will remove the burden on our heart. But, one has to be sincere in maintaining our regular and day-to-day habits in a well disciplined way. The health maintaining is our part, removal of burden on our heavy hearts is The God's part. One cannot take it as granted from God's help. It's up to the God to decide whether to give for human support or otherwise. It's not God-datory to remove all burdens, but, it's mandatory for people to look-after their health rather than wealth. It's Nature of God to decide on the fate of health of a human-being and one cannot question the Act of God.

MOBILE FRIEND Parents and children become loneliness and feel very erratic & uneasy. Mobile phone for a husband is like a wife and for wife it is like a husband. Mobile phones for children are like a friend or a companion. Mobile phone with internet facility is like a world in the grip. Parents are not disturbed by children when the children have mobile phones. Parents come into picture when the bill arrives on screen. But, monthly small war is foreseen in any family when the bill flashes. The best friend of a man is a mobile phone

GOSSIP LOSS Gossip won't pay. Gossip is meant for housewives and men gossip in offices. Gossiping is utter waste of time and it may lead to complications sometimes and hurt others sentiments. Political gossip and business gossip is different. Chitchat and gossip is almost the same people never prosper if they entangle in gossip strategy, as the regular gossip leads to financial loss and it leads to hardship and bound to ruin their life.

MULTI-FACETED PERSONALITY Few people come under the category and fall in the grew of multi-faceted line, multi-tasking line, multi-handling, multi-business, multi-affairs in various sectors, including, political, economic, social, education, science, arts & culture, business, technology and in IT fields and also public & guest relations. It's all due to their good and quality education, good experience and good public relations and contacts. One should be an outgoing personality and dynamic and bold at sentiments to handle any issue. The shrewd and an ingenious vision will be an asset to anyone who takes up any work or project on challenging basis. Moreover, health fitness and mind in shipshape condition is also a plus point.

THINGS GO DIFFERENT This is real in life. Wanted her, got her and lost her. This looks like man proposes God disposes. Man or woman thinks so many, but in reality things do not happen and things move in other direction. It happens like this. It is natural. The God is a super politician. He knew well about things and put people in corner. The God puts no. of litigation. If God gives something to people, He will simultaneously take back certain things from such people without awareness of people. So, one has to plan things via media and in a diplomatic way and in a flexible way. One should be prepared to lose something also. Expectations are different, Needs are different, happenings are different and the possession is different.

WIFE AUTHORITY Wife will have number of privileges and delegation of powers and also full control over her husband and children. A wife can also speak to husband over telephone any number of times and also can send messages any no. of times. It's almost a right to any wife to monitor every aspect in life with her husband and children. It's a wife is wife. Wife's place cannot be replaced by others until wife is alive. Generally husband has to honor his wife, as the latter is the counter part by virtue of recognized legal marriage.

LOVE LIVE LONG Love has no death. Love lasts forever. Love has no boundaries and restrictions. Love has no distance. Love travels faster than soul speed. Love is priceless. Love has no caste, creed and religion. Love has no education. Love is infinite. Love has no hunger. Love can dictate terms. Love can travel universe. Love definition is self explanatory. Love has nothing to do day and night, days, weeks, months and years. Pure Love cannot be polluted.

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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu Popularity

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