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Welcome To The World

Welcome to the world
A world of many worlds
A world of no sympathy
Neither do it has empathy

Sassy Is Never Sweet

Life is a play,
I've got to do it my way
No matter what they say
Thats the rule of the game.

Give Me Another Chance

Your love is never unrequited
For my love for you is always unlimited
my words and deeds were so corrosive
to make your bye bye imperative

Lust Love And Infatuation

Just as any teen
on relationship matters I was so keen
flip-flopping the pages
there I was


sorry I dint said it earlier
sorry for not being open
sorry for not being patient
sorry for being that quick

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The born to test bread and to feed on cone cake for growth. the standard of living increasing at the same time falling. with a hopeful future yet some darkness is imbedded in it..........

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