Marcellus Davis Jr

Marcellus Davis Jr Poems

1. Fantasy 12/22/2013
2. Lessons 12/23/2013
3. Body Thievery 12/23/2013
4. I Dropped Outt'A School 12/23/2013
5. Just Let Me Hold You 12/23/2013
6. America Made In China 12/23/2013
7. Death Peddlers 12/23/2013
Best Poem of Marcellus Davis Jr


For a schoolboy at the record hop,
downing spike Kool-Aid, my eyes
do booty study’s, belly rubbing

to James Brown, scrunching
hips dip ‘til that tight skirt split!

You, smile at my gymnastic physique
long, dark, thick, buffed. I chose
to taste your full lip grace, Angel
I owe you to myself, lust flows
through the marrow, of my conk!

You know I want your fine ass, don’t you?

At fifteen I boast, hard as ready to bust
you nineteen took me up
in that nude rooms equation,
the sum of our chemistry

rounded off,
two ...

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