Margaret Alice Second

Gold Star - 16,370 Points (24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Margaret Alice Second Poems

1521. Sizzles With Electricity 2/14/2013
1522. Sledgehammer [rev] 2/29/2016
1523. Sleep Into Tomorrow [revised] 12/31/2015
1524. Slid My Own Throat (Cor.) 3/13/2015
1525. Slow And Whimsical Waltz 3/17/2015
1526. Slow, Low-Key 2/8/2017
1527. Slowly Freeze [rev] 10/3/2016
1528. Smile So Wide [rev] 4/17/2016
1529. Smiling Security Guards [revision] 7/25/2013
1530. Smoky Pathways [rev] 3/22/2016
1531. Smouldering, Mysterious Type 8/1/2011
1532. Smug As A Slug After Rain 4/17/2013
1533. So Incoherent 7/28/2011
1534. So Loftily Silent 12/2/2012
1535. So Many Good Things (Revised) 6/9/2013
1536. So Would We [r] 12/26/2016
1537. So-Called Wise Men 7/15/2012
1538. Soet Opbeurend - Afrikaans 2/20/2013
1539. Soft Awakening 8/15/2011
1540. Soft Beauty [rev.] 5/11/2015
1541. Soft Fleece [rev] 12/17/2015
1542. Soft Shine [rev] 2/26/2016
1543. Solo Flights 4/7/2012
1544. Solve The Confusing Riddle (Revised) 5/20/2013
1545. Something Deep 11/12/2014
1546. Somewhere Else (Rev) 11/2/2015
1547. Song For Tara [rev] 1/7/2016
1548. Song On The Overself (Revised) 7/17/2013
1549. Songs Filled With Feeling (Revised) 2/14/2013
1550. Sonorous Light (Rev.) 6/12/2014
1551. Soothed Peace 8/19/2016
1552. Sound Sweet No More 4/13/2015
1553. Space Unlimited 1/16/2012
1554. Sparkling Red [rev] 5/12/2016
1555. Spectacular End (Revised) 8/31/2011
1556. Spectacular Failure 7/29/2011
1557. Spice Up My Little Life 1/27/2015
1558. Spinning New Patterns (R) 7/3/2016
1559. Spiralling Eternally [revised] 4/29/2014
1560. Spirit & Ideas (C) 6/5/2016

Comments about Margaret Alice Second

  • Life Sparkles Life Sparkles (5/17/2016 10:45:00 PM)

    a mind far beyond us mortals

    thanks for sharing!


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  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (5/10/2015 1:50:00 AM)

    Dear Margaret Alice Second, your flowery verses touch my soul as stars dappled stream flows.

  • John Richter (1/23/2015 1:50:00 PM)

    Margaret Alice, you either have one of the most wonderful imaginations in the world, or you are quite familiar with the little fellows in white coats who carry very large butterfly nets! Or is it Marilese? Or could you be my Kimberly, returning from a dimension worlds away, through and from so many vanishing doors? Every time I find her she seems to slip away again... I think she was a hermit crab one time, and I couldn't bring myself to eat her. It was much easier when she was human. Some times if Golam, speak like I, hiding she will come out of. So try I, try I, try I, and over over. But then, sees she only me, and her dragons upon fly away her. In any regard, lovely, your poems are. Found you, happily so, certainly me.

  • Patti Masterman (11/9/2011 10:58:00 AM)

    This may be Margaret Alice Second- but there could only ever be one Margaret Alice; so true, so honest and approachable, eloquent and expansive and inquiring mind in the Cosmos..

Best Poem of Margaret Alice Second

' Enneagram (Revised)

But no, nothing helped when I tried to be myself
reading old books, even a new one on sixth sense
said I should take heed of every single pain my
body produced to determine what I think

I feel a stranger in my own skin after a day
doing Big Five & Enneagram questionnaires
– which classify me the most selfish, unhelpful,
self-centred human alive;

even fairy pictures in my Treasury of Children’s
Poetry failed to restore me; according to the
questionnaires, I am detrimental to people
I meet in social contexts - I am devastated

cannot ...

Read the full of ' Enneagram (Revised)

Science Poems 1. (4)


Imagine the beautiful, fragile soap-bubbles of
shimmering voids formed by great explosions
galaxies streaming in filaments

Imagine a sponge, dark voids filled with invisible
galaxies, unknown particles outlined against the
Great Wall opposite the star sign of

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