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Maria is a 12-year-old gr.7 student, and she is very interested in learning how to write beautiful poems. She likes to write and read. She would like to have a career in the future that is related to writing and possibly poetry.

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02 December 2021

Don't be afraid to try new things and overcome your deepest fears because you only have one life to live. - Maria Raponi

02 December 2021

Be yourself and don't let anyone change who you truly are inside. - Maria Raponi

02 December 2021

Poetry isn't just a jumble of words that rhyme, but a world of feelings and emotions crammed into stanzas. - Maria Raponi

13 December 2021

When you are given a task that you are afraid to do, believe in yourself and you will be able to do it.

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The Best Poem Of Maria Raponi

Flowers - Acrostic Poem

Fluffy petals float in the breeze
Lovely bright and beautiful colours
Ovals, squares, circles, and many more shapes
Wonderfully light petals
Excellent smells
Rapid growths
Silky textures

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