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The Star, The Poet, And The Madman

I looked up the night sky
and saw a lonely star
I tried to send my greeting from afar
But I thought I was wrong after a bit

The Whispers Of April

Watching the waves as it gently touches the shore
slowly, slowly one after the other
they never rush
taking its time to kiss the distant shore

Gloomy Day

Its a gloomy day yet in some odd ways it brought me comfort.. <br>
I thought of a shelter keeping me dry from the wet and humid atmosphere outside<br>
As God' s love protecting me from the drowning drops of the world' s selfishness and cruelty<br>

Smiley (Cinquain)

Round yellow head
Hugged in sleep, kissed in dream
Old treasured pillow, companion

The Courageous

Wild as a bull
No one tamed
Strong and fiercely souled
You've played the game

Marilou Madrazo Quotes

25 July 2017

'It's better to be alone and true than seeing yourself vanish trying to fit in'

25 July 2017

'Just as God's will is vital to success, so is total obedience to your calling.'

02 August 2017

After all the pursuit I had, I came to realize that I had only one goal in this life, and that is to enjoy Gods faithfulness and to be able to impart it with others.

02 August 2017

Sunset is a wish to those who doesn't want to let go; Sunrise is a hope to those who have waited.

04 August 2017

'The most precious moments in life comes unprepared, unsophisticated and more often left uncaptured by the lenses but will always be saved in the heart.'

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