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well lets see....i'm 18 have a baby girl i love her to bits. i have felt love i have felt hate, suffering, loss, and i have longed for death . i dought any one would be intested in what i have to say but i always listen and i love helping others with problems < i've been told im a pritty good help>! ! ! <3

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Love Hurts

Never say *i love you*
If you don't realy care

Never talk about fellings

Why Did You Hurt Me? ? ? ? ? ? ?

You said that you loved me
How could i be so dumb

You told me you cared

So Sorry That I Loved You! !

I’m sorry I ever loved you
Cause all you caused me was pain

You wanted me to come back to you

Why Am I Here? ? ? ? ? ?

I wonder why I am here
Why Iwas put on this earth to suffer
Love is shared by all
Yet none is sent my way

Problems! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

MENtal Anxiety
MENtal Break'down
MENstrual Cramps

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