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I am now alone
No one to protect me
Or guide me
No one to help me

It takes courage to cry
For all the world to see
Most of us pretend
To only be happy

I like to sit alone sometimes
In my land of make-believe
As whimsical fantasies cloud my head
Its my escape from reality

We all have questions about the world
That swirl around our heads
They are often left unanswered
But remain until we're dead


The man who said he loved me
The man who said he cared
The man who said he'd die for me
Was never really there

In the begging we were ignorant
We lived a life of bliss
We did not know life's sorrow and woe
Yet we were unknowingly on the path to loneliness

There is a place not far from here
A place that I must go
A place to escape all my troubles
The city of Chicago

We all have a secret name
That tells the stories of our lives
No one can quite pronounce it
But without it we couldn't thrive

I wear a large smile
On my face all of the day
My whole life's a lie

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I like Italian food.)

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I Am Now Alone

I am now alone
No one to protect me
Or guide me
No one to help me
Or confide in me
And saddest of all
No one to love me

I tried so hard
To please others
And make them love me
I tried so hard
To be the Shepherd
And make things right
I just tried so damn hard
To be perfect

But I failed
For no one listened
What friends I had
Are now gone
What family I had
Has now left
Everything I ever loved
Is here no more

I am here no more
For I do not know who I am
Or was
Or will become
But I don't really care
What becomes of me

All I want
Is to be loved
But I said a few wrong things
I made a few bad mistakes
And I believed a few evil lies
And so I failed
And because of me
I have no one
And I am now alone.

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