Mark Akenside

(1721-1770 / England)

Mark Akenside Poems

1. Ode Vi: Hymn To Cheerfulness 4/17/2010
2. Ode Viii: If Rightly Tuneful Bards Decide 4/17/2010
3. Ode Viii: On Leaving Holland 4/17/2010
4. Ode Ix: To Curio 4/17/2010
5. Ode Xi: To The Country Gentlemen Of England 4/17/2010
6. Ode Xiii: On Lyric Poetry 4/17/2010
7. Ode Xviii: To The Right Honourable Francis Earl Of Huntington 4/17/2010
8. The Pleasures Of Imagination: Book The Third 4/17/2010
9. Ode Vi: To William Hall, Esquire: With The Works Of Chaulieu 4/17/2010
10. Ode Vii: On The Use Of Poetry 4/17/2010
11. Ode Iv: Affected Indifference. To The Same 4/17/2010
12. The Poet 4/17/2010
13. Taste 4/17/2010
14. The Pleasures Of Imagination: Book The First 4/17/2010
15. The Pleasures Of Imagination: Book The Fourth 4/17/2010
16. Ode Xiii: To The Author Of Memoirs Of The House Of Brandenburgh 4/17/2010
17. Ode Xiv: To The Honourable Charles Townshend: From The Country 4/17/2010
18. Ode X: To Thomas Edwards, Esquire: On The Late Edition Of Mr. Pope's Work 4/17/2010
19. Ode V: Against Suspicion 4/17/2010
20. Ode Xii: To Sir Francis Henry Drake, Baronet 4/17/2010
21. The Virtuoso: In Imitation Of Spenser's Style And Stanza 4/17/2010
22. Ode Iv: To The Honourable Charles Townshend In The Country 4/17/2010
23. Ode Xvii: On A Sermon Against Glory 4/17/2010
24. Ode Vii: To The Right Reverend Benjamin Lord Bishop Of Winchester 4/17/2010
25. Ode Ix: At Study 4/17/2010
26. Ode X: To The Muse 4/17/2010
27. Ode V: On Love Of Praise 4/17/2010
28. Ode Xii: On Recovering From A Fit Of Sickness, In The Country 4/17/2010
29. The Pleasures Of Imagination: Book The Second 4/17/2010
30. Ode Xvi: To Caleb Hardinge, M.D. 4/17/2010
31. Ode Ix. To Curio 1/1/2004
32. Ode Xv: To The Evening-Star 4/17/2010
33. To Cordelia 4/17/2010
34. Ode Xv: On Domestic Manners (Unfinished) 4/17/2010
35. A Song 4/17/2010
36. Ode Ii: To Sleep 4/17/2010
37. Ode Iii: To A Friend, Unsuccessful In Love 4/17/2010
38. Ode I: The Remonstrance Of Shakespeare 4/17/2010
39. Inscriptions: Vii: The Wood Nymph 4/17/2010
40. Inscriptions: Ii: For A Statue Of Chaucer At Woodstock 4/17/2010

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Best Poem of Mark Akenside

Female Beauty

Felices ter et amplius
Quos irrupta tenet Copula, nec malis
Divulsus querimoniis,
Suprema citius solvet amor die.

What's Female Beauty, but an Art divine,
Through which the Mind's all gentle Graces shine?
They like the Sun irradiate all between;
The Body charms, because the Mind is seen.

Read the full of Female Beauty

The Nightingale

To-night retired, the queen of heaven
With young Endymion stays;
And now to Hesper it is given
Awhile to rule the vacant sky,
Till she shall to her lamp supply
A stream of brighter rays.

Propitious send thy golden ray,
Thou purest light above!

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