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1. Act 1: Immortality 7/3/2008
2. Act 2: Lurks 7/3/2008
3. Act 3: Forever 7/3/2008
4. Your Temple 4/10/2009
5. Fall And Become Broken 4/10/2009
6. Flowerless Edens 4/11/2009
7. Fuse 7/1/2007
8. My Own 7/1/2007
9. Ferver 7/1/2007
10. Weep 7/1/2007
11. Spiral 7/1/2007
12. Here They Come 7/1/2007
13. Midnight Lust 7/1/2007
14. M&M's 7/1/2007
15. Real 7/1/2007
16. Flame 7/3/2008
17. Regret 7/1/2007

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This scar and that scar...
-the physicle and emotional, they are witness to life.
The life I lived, the life that I chose to live.
This scar and that scar,
-These are my scars, they bare how I chose to stand, how I faught and the weapons I chose to fight with...
These scars over here show the mistakes I made when I made them- and how I over came them...
The scars and inflictions reveal a life, not one of guns and knives, bombs and wars, but of love and hate, loss and gain.
A life with out regret.

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I stand beside you with in possession of a unique flame, I stand beside you holding your hand feeling your skin; My hands quake and tremble because of the burning desire I have for you. You are my candle you are my light, you are my energy you are my eternal flame.

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