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The River Of Life

Yes the river, ever rushing,
On it's boundaries always pushing,
Leaping, scrambling, onward surging,
Swiftly moving, onward lurching.

Tell Yourself You'Re Happy

Happiness is quite a thing,
Can turn a pauper to a king,
Makes poor in spirit chant and sing,
Yet what true hope doth therein lie?


Those days when passion scaled the cliffs,
And energy, like sun,
Burst ready in the hero's chest;
A life not lived, not done.

Unknown Soldier

Soldier, here I stand and wonder, thinking of the distant thunder,
Of the cannons that once shook the very dirt beneath your feet,
Fire that split the sky above you, turning red what once had been blue,
What a war you were thrust into! Not a moments peace to keep!

Bloody Nonsense

The sight of blood to some, I'm sure,
Would easy make them faint,
But when I see a pool of blood,
It could as well be paint.

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Chyna Parker 23 December 2010

I have had the pleasure of reading a few of your poems and I can you are one of my favorite poets on this site River of Thoughts is my favorite poem of course the imagery of it is easy to understand but wonderful thank you for writing and sharing your poetry I hope you write many more

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