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If only you knew what you mean to me..
If only you opened your eyes
Then maybe you would see all we could be
We could be forever,


All these lonely nights wondering where you are,
The memory of your touch its echoing in my heart,
All the happy times we had are no more,
Now the nights pass slowly,

I'm breaking down..
I'm giving up.
I'll break away from this someday.
This pain will stop,

It's a full moon tonight and that makes me wish you were here,
i miss you so much..
I wanna see your face but you’re so far away,
and moving farther every day,

I wrote your name on the back of my hand the night we met
I hadn’t even thought about
Falling just yet but I fell so hard
I couldn’t think,


Your the reason for my smile tonight,
I'm sitting alone on my bed
Thoughts of you keep running thru my head.
I wanna tell you what I'm thinking so here i go.

You say my name so soft and sweet
and pull me into your arms
And I fall so deep in love again
you smile that silly smile and I close my eyes,

Take me
And break me
Just cut me down
I'm bleeding and screaming

No connection in his eyes...
All he said was lies...
He turns and walks away...
Like he promised never too...

My feet are on the ground but my heads in the cloulds,
My thought keep running back to you,
I close my eyes so tight trying to stop the tears,
My friend is so close I can feel his shadow blocking the sun from my back,

When the pain is to much..
when the fight is over..
when u feel like u have nothing to fight for,
what are u?


kiss me just a little slower
love me just a little bit longer.
smile for me baby just one more time
I'm begging


The warm sun,
A soft breeze,
A gentle kiss,
Your memory it haunts me


The blackest night
The coldest stone
I heard the whispers last night.
Your love was a lie.

Messing up my life seems to be what I'm doing these days
Loving you has turned me into something I dont wanna be
Your kisses make me sick
They hurt so bad

I wish I could show you something..
but you'd just turn away..
I wish i could tell you but you dont listen
your back is all i see as you walk away

Why does life pass so fast?
You look up and it's gone..
A hit and run oh the fun...
The poor innocent soul was left for dead in the street..

I heard your voice again,
blowing through the wind.
Now I’m laying in my bed
Playing back every word you've ever said.

A snap shot of a lonely girl living in this crazy world not
knowing what the next day holds for her.

A snap shot of an old rich man behind his desk he has his

Love is not a one night stand...
So I'll take my time
Love is not a simple plan
That I'll keep in mind,

Marrissia Holliday Biography

Hello =) I'm 16 and have been writing poetry since I was about 10 years old. Writing is my passion along with photography. I write only when I feel there is something that needs to be said. Every poem, every picture I take is a look into my very soul..I hope you enjoy my poetry. ~Marrissia)

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All That We Could Be

If only you knew what you mean to me..
If only you opened your eyes
Then maybe you would see all we could be
We could be forever,
We could be one in a million..
The only star in a dark night sky
We could be the long walk the small talk
The sweet sound of laughter in the night
But you always have to start a fight...
I cry myself to sleep every night...
You left me alone and now I have no home...
I’m lost in the blue...
If only you knew
What I wanted to be,
But you never listened to my dreams
Just crushed them with all the lies...
Said u loved me then broke my heart
So much for the light here comes the dark...
I wanted to be...
All that we could be...
The perfect love people try to find...
It must not be my time...
I gave my heart away and it's yours to stay
Break it as you may, it's yours...
I will still dream...
Dream of all we could be...

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