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Marty is an independent Irish poet, born in Tyrone, now living and writing in Belfast. Marty works for the Belfast Trust and has poems published in both online and print journals. He is currently submitting work for publication which will inform his first collection.

Marty McKenna Poems

'From Cavehill'

i carve you out
of already alive
and lavish landscapes; build silent,
lived horizons about you, still do.

'The Miss Of Sisyphus'

i have asked
rich women and men;
do the dead mourn us?

'From A Kitchen On Ravenhill'

as rain sloshed everything else,
you in my gut, again.
i try to think about outside,


sometimes when the traffic weakens
you feel you could have the run of the city
in memorium. when there were
no capitalisations, only silent confetti


spirited hounds
leave no stone unturned,
haunt fair game
in nature's realm.

Marty McKenna Quotes

06 December 2018

'... and of you perfection, i asked nothing...'

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