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The dog runs in vain

His shepherd is a wolf

In the residence of thoughts
Looking for instantaneous peace
Perfect in shine, the apple tree
Demand for right purification of the spirit of the lasciviousness and the conscience judgment

It was hard to understand your look.
The size of the sky at night
In the form of ladle stars
along a bright star,

at the foot of the mountains
Away from color and smoke!
On luxurious terraces
To watch the snow

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Master's degree in medical teacher...poet...writer...researcher...patriot soldier Authored works 1- The book of Hello Morning 2- The book of Sometimes White 3- The book of Lucky Words 4- The book of convolutional neural network in the classification of lung nodule images)

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The dog runs in vain

His shepherd is a wolf

The chicken sells its chickens

I fasten my belt

I do not need Sohrab's imaginary boat

A horrible look in silence

Spring weather change

He didn't laugh, but a hole fell in his lips

I'm scared

The sound of breaths rising from the grave

Scattering of thoughts

Above the cloud of desires

Burning flames coming from the inside

It dries up all the strings of hope


Right now

The table clothes are empty of bread

Tears of embarrassment on the dry width of the face

He look the child's hands to the wheat field.

The book of Hello Morning page 46

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