Matt Flumerfelt Poems

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Day Of Wrath

Day of wrath,
that horrible day
will turn Earth to ash;
so David and the Sibyl say.

Hercules Excerpt

For days on end Alcides faced
the barren waste without the taste
of food or water, trudging west,
his gaunt cheeks hollow as a ghost.

The Antichrist Is On His Way

The Antichrist is on his way,
so pious crones assert with furtive joy.
The paparazzi got the dope
straight from the Pope.

The World Will Still Go On

The world will still go on
when I am gone;
so let it run
and wake me when it's done.

To My Beloved

I will love you better than
any other lover ever can.
I’ll keep your heart inside a jar
preserved in honey mixed with myrrh.

A Crash Course In Enlightenment

Buddha stood up on the rostrum,
a man who overdosed on pork,
to give the lesser monks a sermon
and try to spark enlightenment.