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I hail thee, oh epitome of womanhood,
You of unbreakable spirit,
As you carry God ordained earthly duty-
Without a murmer or hint of complaint.

Speck less solitary souls,
Contented with their two some solitude,
Oblivious of surrounding humanity,
One mind, one heart, common doubts,


Fate dealt him a blow,
Too strong for his
vulnerable heart.
Implication only bearer

My brother, My friend
Days have come and gone as they always do,
Brotherly tears still well in my eyes,
The emotional wound is stubborn and painful,

They looked into mine, into my heart.
I couldn't withstand the look,
Innocent and inspirational.
Too much for this unpredictable

You've seen them bloom,
Giving universe luscious treat,
Its so albeit for a moment,
For tommorow you see them not.

Rankling future I see,
In young poets tommorow,
Mountains of sceptics detracting
the young feet,

If by chance
If by chance your paths happen to cross,
Be the counsel to a strong willed yet haunted soul.

I know you won't take it kindly,
If I interrupt you with my brawl
Seasoned, alcohol accustomed tongue.
But oh pastor, before you lay your

1.The best poets never wrote,
Critics of poetry know no rhyme.
To all those I am well instructed.
I write neither prose nor poetry,

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I became interested in writing while in primary school where I was the school language prefect.While at Burieruri High School in Meru North District I helped to revive a defunct writers club and relaunced it as The journalism club.I served as its editor for three years.My writing took a beating when I joined a college of agriculture and vet sciences under a government scholarship and my request to change to literature was denied.However, I have written several poems and I hope to be published when I graduate from University of Nairobi later this year(2009) .I hope to return to class to follow my hearts desire in poetry once I am able to raise the fees.)

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Ode To My Penzie

I hail thee, oh epitome of womanhood,
You of unbreakable spirit,
As you carry God ordained earthly duty-
Without a murmer or hint of complaint.
May it forever be like the half decade gone-
Two diverse garments turned into seamless one.

Yours ain't a replay of the soaps in vogue,
Nor a pasting of the women magazines,
The moon needs no compass or time keeper,
Knowing where and when is its nature.
So are you my dear,
You defy all odds with massive patience and humility.
Yet not a hint of sturbonness in your demeanor.
You read my hopes and fears with surprising ease
and tenderness,
Yet, yet my dear, I cannot demystify thee, after these
five years of bliss.
Not that I complain -you are you,
Live your life dear.

They say there is power in silence,
while some are more audible in their silence,
What words are more audible than your actions?
Why shout yourself hourse that you you love
when you can just show love and be done?
That can only be you honey, who else?
I have you on a pedestal darling.

Blessed are those priveleged to share in your life,
Your good morning kiss takes one through the day,
Your jokes makes me oblivious of the traffic jam-
And as i dropp you at the office,
I know I will miss you till our evening reunion.
I will forever to the religion of your love profess-
Oh mother of my kids.

However stressfull your day might be,
You leave office worries at your working desk,
And then pick your normal cheer with your hand bag!
Forgive me for carrying office home with me,
But your letting people be sets you apart.

How blessing to our two kids,
What a privilage to be their sire!
I enjoyed my actions and love the repercussions!
Ode to my wife

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