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I lay on my bed everyday,
with nothing but the thoughts of you coming my way.

i try to overcome these thoughts,

I slept under the cold weather,
and woke up with a tiny feather.

Helen told me to find heather,

Show me faith,
faith that doesn't fall out of date.

Show me hope,

Every step i take, Every possible way
From the moment i wake, Till the set of day,
I end up having a head ache, cause of this amazing trail you have in sleigh.

The heart of education,
lies within the path of determination.

The sign of progress,

I woke up this morning with a shiny dropp of my tear in eye,

For the day before, the relationship between me and her was bid good-bye.

Troubled with a million worries in his head,
He was among one in a million who couldn’t sleep peacefully in bed.
Rask was the trouble minded fifty five year old,
The one whose mind strangled him in a chokehold,

I always think about being your Prime Number baby,
When others look at the Addition between us, they fall into envy.

My Formula says you Plus me Equals to us,

Minds disputed along the race of rage
fighting for the love of misconception,
led on in favor of torment and age,
Growled by the approval of deception.

Every moment that passes by,
I think about those once on earth, now in the sky.

Thoughts about the future inside this world of despair,

Little is known about life,
though still penetrates through the heart without strife.

Life ticks without warning,


There is something, which is not cheap,
and that something is sleep!

In sleep, there should be no beep,

I looked at the sky,
because i wanted to fly.

I knew it was of great height,

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My name is Max. I reside in Houston TX and i hope that you all will like my poems.. stop by anytime to say hello or to correct any of my mistakes, i appreciate it, Thanks :))

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The Day I Fell In Love

I lay on my bed everyday,
with nothing but the thoughts of you coming my way.

i try to overcome these thoughts,
but i seem to weak to even have them sought.

when i see your smile,
I just sit down and think for a while.

i think of how an angel like you
could almost be impossible to be true.

your ranging beauty has no depths in size,
even with all these qualities you are also wise.

when i looked straight into your eyes,
It was like looking through the ties of prize.

i always try my best to tell you how i feel,
but i can't even speak, because of your beautiful zeal.

the first time i opened my mouth to speak to you,
you gave me a smile that i still pursue without clue.

for everyday, that is what i think of,
The day i fell in love.

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