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Thank You And Goodbye

One day our journey’s crossed paths
We were the perfect friend for each other
You were like my sunshine over the clouds
We shared the laughs
And the joy we created together
You were there at the tough times
The times I needed you the most
When you were there I was happy
We did everything together
We crossed every river, every trek together
You bought the real me out of myself
And I helped show the world, who you really are
And I knew there was going to be a day
When I had to say goodbye
When our journey together ends
I knew you would not leave any contact behind
But I want to say thank you
For being there for me
For accepting who I am
For having a shoulder to cry on
But now we've chosen our ways
And our journey together ends
So now I say thank you and goodbye my friend

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Maya fay Popularity

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