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Babe no matter what hate
Comes our way
We’re gonna soon find out our fate
Memories of our first date

The past is what happened so fast
there was a couple that were last
it was all the same just a different track
from all the heavy metal of life

No Time

My heart is singing
[But] Not of happiness

Although I haven't met her yet
She's so beautiful
By the way i feel her move
She's so lovable

Seeing is believing
Believing can cause Bleeding
Dreading for the unseen
Which also can be decieving

I feel the heat rising in my head
I never know what I'm going to do if i were to lose you
I'd probably set up my death bed without the love and trust there is nothing to live for

Being madly in love
We saw the little Dove
It braught us a gift from above

Unique love is forever
Being with you is like holding precious treasure
Baby don't worry it's not a bother it's a pleasure
to be with you...witing to say I Do

letting in everything i feel
no more makin them deals
havin him near me, jus how he is now

Sometimes I sit in my room and I think to myself how many times does a person have to say I love you for one to believe it?
What things are showed and things that are seen you never know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth
Babe what we got is somethin unique I see it in your eyes
You’re someone that I can’t just get up, pass by, and miss

Outcry in The Barrio are the people i admire
They never give up but only when get tired

As many times they tried to pick themselves up

Babe I was once a hobo on the streets
But when I saw you walkin and made me yours
You made me the richest girl ever

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Unique Love Never Dies

Babe no matter what hate
Comes our way
We’re gonna soon find out our fate
Memories of our first date
Will always be there
I don’t want you to go away
Please baby let us stay

We know what has happened and it’s not good to all
But we know we’ll stick through
I didn’t let you borrow my heart
I’m letting you keep it
I’ll always admit I Love You
Never will it be denied
Why should I hide something so unique
As you and I?

I always hope our love never dies…
©MayraCerda 12/7/09
- Mayra Cerda

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