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i'm mckenzi. i enjoy writing poetry because it helps me express who i am. please read and comment, constructive criticism welcome: ]

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Tracker Ogryphon 21 February 2008

An internal plea for self reliance. I gave it a 10 simply because of the emotions involved. A Good write.

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you are a good poet. i love your poems

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Trying To Forget

at one time you said you loved me, but it was just a lie
are you just gonna forget me? forever say goodbye?
i say it doesn't matter, that it doesn't bother me at all
but really its kills me when you never call
i gave you my trust, my heart and my soul
but since you went and did this i think you should know
i take it all back, i'll tell them you didnt mean a thing
so maybe i can forget, forget about the pain.

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