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Dance when no ones looking,
Dance harder when they are
Dance to heal a wound,
Dance to heal a scar

For every tear that falls
an ounce of resentment goes with it
How could I be so blind
to think that the clouds had gone and the sun had appeard

The fragile glass that was my world has just been shattered
Into thousands of tiny razor edged peices
Do i leave my world broken
Or risk the pain of putting back together

As dawn breaks
My fear arises
My soal aches
As the sun rises

Why are you staring at me?
I dont know you
Why are you haunting me?
Everyday you do

When I asked, you responded
'Im not gonna lie, I dont know'
You said that this was hard
But in your face it did not show

Lying in my bed
covers pulled up to my chin,
No older than seven
But already haunted by this sin

Walking these repeating streets of old,
My mind is hallow, my heart is cold
Over and over i trip, i fall
Over and over your name i call

Anger.. regret.. hopelessness
I turn to you
You dont judge
Just soothe the pain

What is Love?
Is it something we do?
Something we feel?
Something we recieve?

Anger and Love
Those two little words sit juxtaposed in side my heart
My usual solmn state of mind
Is no match for these sudden outburts of rage that i feel

When you look into my eyes,
What do you see?
If you could look into my heart,
Where would you be?

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My name is Meagan Slack. I am a seventeen years old and writing poetry is my escape. All of my poems are true but i like my readers to be able to make the poems about themselves and read it as if it was talking about them, not me. I am not a particularly dark person I just like to express my hard times through my writing.. i hope you enjoy my poems.)

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Live Free, Dance Hard

Dance when no ones looking,
Dance harder when they are
Dance to heal a wound,
Dance to heal a scar
Dance under the rain
Dance under the sun
And when you think you cant dance,
Just get outside and run
Dance to the sound of the leaves,
Dance to the song in your heart
Dance even tho you know...
That your world is falling apart.

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Meagan Slack Popularity

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