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The entire world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one woman in her on time plays many parts,

A choice in life,
To be married or not,
To be with my true love,
Sharing my passion with another,

You look at me,
I wonder if you can see,
You are all I think about,
I do not know what I would do without,

I am happy and in love,
I wonder what lies in front of me in the future,
I hear the sound of my heart racing when i am around him,
I want him to be with me through the good times and the bad,

I am full of love,
I rush when he is around,
She feels me beating faster and fasters as he raps her in his arms,
Feeling for him to the top to the bottom,

As I drug myself out of bed,
I bumped my head,
I ran to the bus to the ground I fell,
Wrong words I yell,

I dream of love like heaven on earth,
I feel his love racing through my veins,
I love my baby,
He makes me crazy,

It is murder,
How could they bear the thought?
Why do they not spare their lives?
The sound of their first cry,

Mama (Daddy) please stop yelling,
I can't stand the sound,
Your fighting is painful and its killing me now,
I hear glass breaking as i lie awake in my bed,

The world is spinning,
Where has my life gone?
Hating and loving everything around me,
But just not me,

I don’t want to miss a single kiss,
Who knew your love I can’t resist,
Baby never leave me,
Don’t ever let go,

What is love? Is it just a symbol of how you may feel towards someone?
Can it be the way my heart flutters when you are around? As you walk closer,
My breathing hardens, my heart gorged of emotion, the rush I feel when you are around,
My heart beats abnormally fast as you grasp me in your arms,

All my life,
I’ve been waiting,
For someone to lift me high,
All the lies,

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I'm a 15 year old girl trying to find a place in this world.)

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7 Stages Of A Women

The entire world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one woman in her on time plays many parts,
Her acts being seven stages.

Starting off as an infant,
The cries and tears calling out for her mother’s warm heart,
As growing older and going to school,
As she tries to race of,
And her mother not wanting to let go,
Older she grows,
Her body changes and emotions go wild,
Falling in love and heart brakes she stands her ground,
Then she comes to a whole, for which she carries inside of her,
A small special gift from god all mighty,
She hears the gift cry as her heart begin to become warm, and full of light,
She’s growing older and cries alone,
Knowing she’s getting older she glances at the image staring back at her,
Moaning and sighing she turns around,
She says the older I get she gets,
She can’t believe life flies away so fast,
Her pants are two sixes to big,
She looks like she sat in her bath way to long,
Her face sags to the ground,
She tries acting as she was twenty again,
Oh how she misses those days,
As she grows cold and no longer take care of herself,
Family gathers around when she is in need,
She cries for the blessings she’s been giving,
As she slowly drifts away.
(C) 2008

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