Meghan O'Rourke

(1976 / New York / United States)

Meghan O'Rourke Poems

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9. My Aunts 11/25/2014
10. On Marriage 4/4/2016
11. Ever 4/4/2016
Best Poem of Meghan O'Rourke


Never, never, never, never, never.
—King Lear

Even now I can't grasp "nothing" or "never."
They're unholdable, unglobable, no map to nothing.
Never? Never ever again to see you?
An error, I aver. You're never nothing,
because nothing's not a thing.
I know death is absolute, forever,
the guillotine—gutting—never to which we never say goodbye.
But even as I think "forever" it goes "ever"
and "ever" and "ever." Ever after.
I'm a thing that keeps on thinking. So I never see you
is not a thing or ...

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