Melissa Graham Poems

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You don't want to hear about my flaws
You don't care about them
That's not to say you don't care about me but that you don't care what I say is wrong with me.
That is because what I say is wrong with me or what I say my flaws are, to you are nothing but things that make me a person you love

Your Love

What if your love was only a memory
One that I would only replay in my head again and again just to see it because it is like my favorite movie,
What if I was to ever tire of it but I don't think I could, even if I wanted to.
Your love is so extraordinary to me I do believe if you ever stopped loving me I would have to forget I ever loved you because it will never go away, the memories of your love.

Involuntary Love

Your lover should be your best friend
Your soul mate
You other half.
Your lover should love you as much as you love them



Understanding People

Trying to understand people is like reading a book that's missing half the pages, you may have a picture of what you see but you will never know the whole story
People will never be simple
People will never tell you there whole story
You must only care who they are now and not who they where.


My heart aches for something I can't have
My heart hurts no matter how happy I am
My heart made of glass being held together by tape
That tape being hope

Feeling Love

Love is like seeing color for the first time
Love is an in depth experience that I feel in my chest
This is a feeling that I want to live in forever
I want to love in all the ways I can

The True Meaning Of Beauty

The true meaning of Beauty is not how people look,
Its not how people dress,
The true meaning of beauty is you,
You have eyes that shine bighter than the stars and they go deeper than the ocean, looking in to them I fear I will be hypnosised by them,


The feeling
Its so deep in my chest
Watching people walk past me
I'm invisible. No one sees me

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