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i see you walking past
and i look away,
as if i never knew you,

You are flowery beautiful
and kindly cheerful.
you do your own thing;
and you are your own song

When i was heart-broken
You bandaged my wounds
When i was sick
You healed my body

The reason I have never been single for a long time
Is because I never thought I would feel the same, complete.
I thought of the cold nights that I might have to face alone
I thought of Valentine’s Day, how I would have no one to surprise

Me and my sis are so different from each other,
There is no way i can deny that.
God gave us different personalities
and that's fine with us.

If you entered my world
You would find a girl just like you.
Happy at times
Sad at times

You are my dearest mate
And i can see you are hurt,
You don't want to live.

Show me the way
That i can be as
Hard-working as you
And as independent as you,

Can’t reach my goals
I keep looking backwards,
My past won’t let me reach my goals.

He owns the earth
He knows my worth
He sees my lack
He carries a sack

I can write that poem
I can release that album
I can stop lying
I can dropp whinging

When you let go of all the drama in your life,
You've detached yourself from destructive pain,
Hurtful events you've encounted, you brush off
And break free.

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I am proud Christian writer.The aim of my poetry is to inspire, encourage, strengthen and teach people. I welcome any comments and feedback. I hope you enjoy my work.)

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i see you walking past
and i look away,
as if i never knew you,
as if you never knew me.

We used to be friends
before they came along,
Each gave away our trust.
In the end
our friendship became distant
and could not compromise.

we saw each walking past,
as usual we almost approached
before our other friends came along
and we both looked away,
as if we weren't about to cure
our broken hearts of lost friendship,
as if we never knew each other.

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