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I stare into your eyes and I'm in a trance,
lets let go of innocence.
I am unable to hold myself back any longer,
I press myself against your lips.

I can inhale what alters my mind,
but we all know that I'm not fine..
I tried so hard, but lost it all-
this misery can't be erased with time.

I'm missing your touch and all we had,
I'm so sorry for makin you sad,
making you angry and gettin you mad;
I long for the love that we used to have.

I remember when I used to fake my smile;
consumed by misery, but in denial.
I recall the dark nights when I'd mutilate my body
where nobody could see,

I look in the mirror and my eyes consume me,
I'm lost in a void seeking the person i should be.
I once knew the girl, but she cowered, she ran;
far from this place I've created, far from these destructive hands.

I just wanna lay in someones arms all night and let them hold me,
not go home to a house of hate and parents who scold me.
But I throw away the best of things,
forget the most important peoples names-

I push away your accusations;
say what you want dear, I will not listen..
All the time i spent on you is now wasted;
how could I put myself in this position.?

I'm wasting my life spending it without you,
I try and pull myself out but I just can't move.
I'm lost in my heartache-
this sorrow so true..

Off the tip of your tongue and from your mouth
your rancid accusations degrade me.
I try and push them away and block them out
from all that I'm contemplating.

The scarlet liquid shimmered in the moonlight;
her helpless, devoured body lie limp in the secure shadows..
With hands shaking, the knife drops to the frosted winter floor and
her deceitfulness lives on no more..

I held my breath, panicked, as my heart dropped to the floor;
How could it be that my old friend would not be around anymore..
He pulled the trigger to the 6 shot revolver pressed against his temple;
his blood began to pour- as many people's thoughts became dismantled.

Baby, please don't come around;
it'll hurt to bad to hear the sound
of ur voice when you'll scream 'please don't do it.! '
When I'm at the top of a tower ready to jump down..

She's fragile, She's breaking,
through makeshift lies and the smile she's faking.
She's in denial, she is aching~
She's crying out, 'somebody save me..'

How long will it be until I open my eyes.?
What will it take to make me realize
that I lost a love that was to die for
because i didn't wanna try anymore

I chase my dreams but they fade to nightmares;
I'm loosing hope although loves' to die for.
I gasp for air as i drown in sorrow;
why must I wish for no tomorrow.?

Empty inside, but not empty at mind-
For i know this place is not my home.
Not an ounce of this misery will mend with time-
In the arms of loved ones, still I feel alone.

Listen to me as I say-
Im sorry, my pain is far to profound.
The scars etched deeply upon my arms veins
reflect a misery so deep that i could drown.

'Nobody cares unless you're
Pretty or dead.'
Nobody cares for the
Thoughts in your head.

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I stare into your eyes and I'm in a trance,
lets let go of innocence.
I am unable to hold myself back any longer,
I press myself against your lips.

Body to body, raging in lust;
Nothing feels more intense than your trembling touch.
Embrace your desire, manhandle me love;
Seductive by nature~ sharp and clean cut.

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Elliott Rosenberg 09 June 2014

Your child like eyes enlighten wisdom where folly lacks. You are marvelous

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Dany Sandell 18 January 2014

Melissa, ur a great writer. Anyone with a half brain would be able to see that! Keep writing and never let anyone tell you that you can't. If I had done that, I wouldn't even have found Poemhunter!

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Melissa Robinson 31 December 2013

Thank You very much.!

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