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My full name is Melissa Lynn Schreuder I am 17 years old, love family and friends, hates to be alone, hates to show my tears and loves to express my feelings throgh poetry. loves to write, draw, paint, sing, dance, photoraphy, read. Can't stand two faced people, and people who juge me before they know me.

love my friends, love poetry (lol, lov ...

Melissa Schreuder Poems

I Hate (Pleas Read And Vote! ! !)

I hate the way you make me feel,
I hate that you think you can read my mind,
I hate crying over you,
I hate that you say you care but you don't,

A Home?

My home is not a home,
not a place to call my own,
not a place where I can sleep peacefully,
not a place where I can sing or dance about it.

But I Think I'M Just Being Me

You may call me crazy, but I think I'm
just being me.You may call me yellow
and green but I think I'm just
being my colorful me.

She Was Broken.

She was cracking, but no one saw,
she was Bleeding, but no one cared,
she was broken, but no one fixed her.
She was blind, but no one helped,

Remember Me

Close your eyes, remember, remember me.
take a deep breath, remember, remember us.
remember me when your day isn't going great, remember me.
remember me when your feeling lonley, remeber me.

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