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A Girl's Wish

These walls around my heart
Bear your name written in bold.

A Haiku: Sunny Meadows

Butterflies flutter

A blooming honeysuckle

Yo Soy Libre

Artist, come closer, take your brush in hand.
Painting pictures that tell stories,
Painting pictures that show emotions.

Starry Sky

Stars in the sky

Twinkles up above

The People I Love

I love when people I love
Say they love me.
I sigh and love and trust when people I love
Say they’ll never leave me.

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Just another girl who happens to love the rhyming simplicity of poetry. And who just happens to not have written a decent rhyming poem in years. I'm not the best poet in the world, but it's just something I really enjoy!
I haven't really had such a full life that I can write about, so I usually take the views of other people when writing my poetry. Plus, I'm still young so there's a lot more to life than I know at present. As they say, wisdom comes with age.

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